Synthesized Voice

A screenshot featuring communication menu options such as keyboard, notebooks, and phone.

A language system for literate adults who, due to a stroke, a traumatic brain injury or a degenerative neurological disease such as ALS, need a way to actively engage at home, in the workplace, in social situations, and in medical settings.

Word selection screen on a white tablet with a handle displaying a 6x10 communications grid.

A communications device for individuals who have difficulty using their natural voice that combines the TouchChat app with an Apple iPad or iPad mini and the ChatWrap case.

A screenshot of the phrases and words menu with symbols above each selection, for example, "good" with a thumbs up.

Communication apps suitable for people with autism, aphasia, dysarthria, dyspraxia and cerebral palsy. All of the TalkingTablet Communication Aids include voice control which allows the user to have speech on all the time or only at the completion of the statement.

Rounded light blue square with grid-like pattern in background with a large, yellow letter V in the center.

A voice input augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app designed for people with dysarthria that allows them to use voice commands to speak phrases.

A black rectangular device with a volumne knob on the left, a speaker on the right and a headset with microphone connected via an output on top.

Voice enhancer for people with a low or whispering voice, or in a professional context, where people should speak in larger assemblies.

Screenshot of a photo of a child talking on the left and a drawing of a child talking on the right, with two timer counters in between.

A behavior training program designed to teach conversational skills to children with cognitive disabilities.

Two smartphones staggered one behind the other, each with a conversation bubble.

A free mobile app for patients with cognitive, communication, learning, or speech disabilities or autism that facilitates communication with family members or healthcare providers who are in proximity to the patient and can provide immediate assistance.

Screenshot showing a drop down menu on the left and cartoon drawing of a dog lying in grassy yard at night with a yellow smiling star in the sky.

A symbolic direct selection communicator training program for people with cognitive, communication, or speech disabilities or autism.

Screenshot showing a list of quick phrases and a menu bar across the bottom.

A voice output alternative augmentative and alternative communication app designed for use by individuals who have difficulty speaking due to autism, brain injury, stroke, laryngeal cancer, or other conditions that affect speech.

The torso view of a man facing forward wearing a headset and a living room behind him.

A web service designed to make it easy for anyone to create a synthetic voice, with the support of a speech therapist. The service can be used without any particular knowledge and equipment.