Synthesized Voice

Screenshot of handwritten text next to a transcription software dialogue on a Windows computer.

A range of software AAC and captioning software, specifically designed for individuals with communication disabilities, and individuals who are Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, and have difficulty writing/typing, speaking, and/or reading.

Rectangular handheld device with screen showing a six-square grid with images in each section.

A handheld communication aid for people with speech disabilities that can be operated with one hand.

Black and white Nuance logo, with stylized capital letter N next to the word Nuance.

Text-to-speech technology that leverages neural network techniques to provide a human‑like, engaging, and personalized user experience for customer self‑service applications.

Black and white Nuance logo, with stylized capital letter N next to the word Nuance.

Automatic speech recognition software designed to increase the efficiency of customer self-service applications that uses neural network-based recognition to provide more accurate, conversational responses.

Small black square electronic device attached to a neck strap with a display showing a grid of four images.

A portable augmentative communication device for use by people with communication or speech disabilities. It consists of a PocketPC (HP iPaq 2495) loaded with Point To Pictures - Mobile (PTP-Mobile) software.

Screenshot showing a three-row grid of buttons for communications options.

A voice output direct selection and symbolic communicator program designed for use by individuals with communication, cognitive, learning, developmental or speech disabilities, or autism.

A screenshot of seven columns and six rows with a different symbol in each cell. The columns are orange, blue, yellow, green, orange, and pink. At the top of the screen, there is a menu bar and text input bar.

Software for symbol-based assistive communication systems.

BlueTalk Speaker with two speakers and red switch button attached via jack input.

BlueTalk is a wireless personal communication device. It provides a two-line, forward facing LCD display used to output text and speakers that are optimized for playing synthesized speech.

Screen shot of PODD 5 by 3 layout symbol set.

A way of organizing whole word and symbol vocabulary to provide immersion and modeling as well as a means to express a range of messages in a variety of environments.

Black, rectangular tablet with keyboard on screen and camera mounted to bottom of screen.

Assistive communication device and touchscreen tablet.