Synthesized Voice

Click2Speak on-screen keyboard.

Click2Speak offers an assistive on-screen keyboard, catering to people with motor impairments who cannot use a standard keyboard, enabling easy communication and access to Windows based PC and tablet applications.

CommunicoTool 2 logo. It features an illustration of a smiley face. The left eye is a green square. The right eye is a red triangle. The smiley face is drawn in the style of a children's crayon drawing.

A language and development application for tablet with a gallery of images, pictograms, and sounds to help children express themselves.

Vocal ID logo.

Customized voices for AAC devices that match the individual's vocal characteristics. Each voice is based on the individual's voice, matched to the closest match in the voice bank, then custom generated.

Handheld device the size and shape of a mobile phone with button on the front face. 

An integrated audiobook player and audio navigation device.

60 square grid menu with cartoon images and text. Above the icons are the words, "I want that".

An augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app that lays down a language foundation for non-verbal individuals that is based on the unique and powerful Unity language system.

Screen shot with grid of communications symbols across bottom and picture of child at a desk in top right.

Alternative and augmentative communications app that offers pre-stored communication, built-in supports and other tools for communication and support.

Sprich! logo

Sprich! is a small program for people with voice loss for quick and easy speech output - even without the classic desktop keyboard or mouse. 

Phillips SpeechExec logo with a monochromic layout of gold and orange triangles.

Software that facilitates communication, the setup of individual workflow settings and organizational flexibility to help save time and resources.

List of phrases above four colored button links to those lists above font size adjustment, write/edit, and close buttons.

App used to convert text to speech for those who are language impaired or visually impaired.

PECS IV+ logo

PECS IV+ is an app for the iPad which helps transition learners who have mastered phases I through to IV of PECS to high tech AAC methods. It allows users to construct a multi-picture sentence strip using sentence starters. It uses synthesised and/or digitised voice output.