Synthesized Voice

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ModelTalker is a speech synthesis software designed to benefit people who are losing or who have already lost their ability to speak. It allows people to create a personalised and unique synthetic voice that is representative of their own or of a family member's voice. This personalised synthetic voice can then be used on speech generating devices with a speech output software or app.


For more information on this product, please refer to the manufacturer's website.

Letter board displayed on computer with gray background and black type.

Communication program for people with visual impairments.

LetMeTalk logo.

A free AAC talker app supports communication in all areas of life and therefore providing a voice to everyone.

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IVONA provides TTS voices for your Android device. 


hand written text on tablet

Text-to-speech communication app for tablets.

He hajo (app) menu

He Hajo is a tool for people with a mental impairment in communication (Augmentative and Alternative Communication; AAC). Communication is possible with Icons, a calendar helps with the day rhythm, and albums can be created in the photo book.

An aac board on a tablet screen.

Grid Player is a free Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) app that helps people who cannot speak to communicate, including those who use symbols or whose speech is unclear. 

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The Conversation Book app is specially developed for patients who struggle to find words, but can still read at word level. With more than 3000 words and phrases that are classified, and a worksheet that combines words, this is the ideal tool for making a conversation.

Eyeglasses with attachment on left lense.

The EyeSpeak is a communication system through the eyes, especially designed for people with extreme mobility and communication limitations caused by different types of illness or injury. The EyeSpeak consists of a pair of glasses in which the lenses display a screen with a virtual keyboard. It has a micro camera that detects the position and the movement of the eyes and, in this way, identifies the key the user is looking at.

Eline Sagt logo showing a large capital E with each leg of the letter in a color of dark blue, light blue, green, and red.

A language application that works using a grid with icons, pictures or photos. When touching a tile, the iPad speaks like a full-fledged speech computer.