VISION related

A round, flat black object with a green LCD display featuring numbers.

An industry-standard 52mm LCD gauge.

One hand of an individual holding the Maggie magnifier over a portion of a book which is held in the other hand of the individual, The Maggie has a white screen showing magnified wording from the book.

Portable electronic magnifier for individuals with low vision or macular degeneration.

Small, horizontal video monitor on a round, ringed stand with a black frame and displaying a virtual keyboard on the screen.

A small video display that works as an external virtual keyboard and mouse and frees up the user's main screen for writing emails, browsing the Internet, or working with their computer.

A yellow on-screen keyboard with black text in a text window below.

An independent interactive software that speaks as it guides the users around the computer keyboard. It introduces all the keys available and is suitable for visually impaired users. 

A black rectangular device with 2 outputs on the side and a headphone jack and volume knob on the end.

An interactive learning tool for anyone who wants to learn keyboard skills. 

Gray googles and headband, with a clear eye shield and a knob on the right.

Electronic glasses designed to enable people with severe low vision to regain their visual independence.

Video display showing a cut orange attached to a stand with a flat surface below.

A portable video magnifier for people with vision impairments that features a 12-inch full-HD display and magnification up to 19x.

Picture of a hand holding a small video screen, which is being held over a book and shows a magnified image of a bird.

A series of handheld electronic video magnifiers that offer high-resolution HD cameras and autofocus capabilities and are designed to be user-friendly and contemporary.

Widescreen, flat-panel LED display with a picture of a field on it attached to a desktop stand with an open book on it.

A high-resolution, flat-screen desktop video magnifier mounted on an ergonomic swivel-tilt arm.

Cartoon drawing of a smiling boy wearing a cap in front of a laptop computer and slapping himself on the side of the head as numbers come out.

An online program built around a 5-7 week training course that can improve the mathematical ability of children and adolescents who have difficulty with math, typically due to speech blindness, difficulty concentrating or dyslexia.