Cartoon drawing of a smiling boy wearing a cap in front of a laptop computer and slapping himself on the side of the head as numbers come out.

An online program built around a 5-7 week training course that can improve the mathematical ability of children and adolescents who have difficulty with math, typically due to speech blindness, difficulty concentrating or dyslexia.

Rounded square cartoon drawing of an orange fox holding a tablet with letter combinations on the screen.

An app for improving a child’s speech that is designed for children with speech sound errors. It is developed to be used in consultation with a speech therapist.

A flat, white rectangular device.

A 40-cell braille display for computer users in need of a compact, lightweight solution for use with computers at home, work, or school. Vario 340 is a Human Interface Device (HID), which means a driver does not need to be installed to use it.

A smartphone with an icon of a hand opening an envelope with a label at the top of the screen that reads "Alarm".

Handy Calendar is a time and planning tool for iPhone and iPod touch. The calendar provides an overview of the day, week, and month. Receive clear alarms when activities begin and end. 

Logo with a red dot between the word Aabentoft and the letters "dk."

Bluetooth Mouse Simulator - AMSLXBTA allows users to control the mouse pointer on a PC, Mac, or an Android-based smartphone from a chair's joystick. 

Drawing of a screenshot of a hand on a keyboard with differently colored keys a menu command bar across the top.

A typing instruction program that uses voice, three-dimensional animation, video, and virtual reality to teach touch-typing and keyboarding and can be used by people with low vision or learning disabilities.

Screenshot of a photo of a child talking on the left and a drawing of a child talking on the right, with two timer counters in between.

A behavior training program designed to teach conversational skills to children with cognitive disabilities.

Screenshot of an iOS interface reading "Lightswitch" at the top of the screen and displaying a list of menu options, including "Desk Fan," "Library Lamp," and "Office Fan." Beneath, there is an option slider, that ranges from "Off" to "Level" to"On." The slider is set to "On."

Home automation program with voice commands that may be helpful for individuals with mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury.

Drawing of a fishbowl on a yellow stand which is sitting on a green mat. Three dancing red fish are suspended on each side of the fishbowl.

A control switch training program designed for students using a mouse or touch screen for the first time. Its simplicity is well suited for those with visual or learning impairments.

Large square cartoon drawing of two smiling animal faces with an open book in the background.

A reading tutorial, story reading and story writing app designed for use by children with cognitive, communication, language or learning disabilities or autism.