None - Doesn't use software

Picture of a teenage boy's head and shoulders blowing into a tube connected to an oblong black device.

An adaptive electronic wind instrument that enables people with disabilities to play music with only small movements of the head.

Various models of dial-less telephones, which resemble standard corded telephones, but without a number keypad or menu. Two phones are off-white, and one is red.

Telephones for users with Alzheimer's or other cognitive difficulties who would benefit from a simplified telephone that can only receive incoming calls.

Various models of safes, ranging from short and rectangular black devices (resembling microwaves) with keypads and small LCD panels, to taller, vertical-standing safes, which resemble mini refrigerators.

Accessible in-room safe provides users with visual or auditory disabilities a way to safely lock and unlock the safe and store their valuables.

A black rectangular device with menu options on the front and an easel back.

Inductive Loop for service points, tables, and small areas. Easy and quick installation.

Drawing of a pink armadillo against a light blue background.

A puzzle activity designed to promote visual-spatial development for very young and special needs children.

A blue round disk with a black base and a butterfly and water drop logo in the middle and the letters WR below it.

An ability switch with a silent click and soft edges. It comes in six different colors, and in diameters of either 30 and 50 mm.

A long metal wand with a foam disk at the end.

A switch activated by pushing it slightly to the side. Requires little pressure.

A black rectangular device with a gray surface covering half the top and a black cord at the bottom.

Features 1.7 x 0.5-in/4.5 x 1.3-cm of activation surface and requires 0.4-oz/10-g of force. Provides auditory click and tactile feedback.

A black rectangular device with six inputs on the side.

A Programmable IR transmitter that can be used with up to six different 0/1 contacts. Big Jack is suitable for anyone who needs big and clear contacts.

A gray rectangular device with a push button in the middle and menu options for sensors at the top.

All in One notifies a person to help by first registering the alarm and then forwarding it to a pager or mobile phone. It can transmit alarms from all types of wired sensors and a selection of wireless transmitters, such as wrist transmitters and universal transmitters to a pager or mobile phone.