An encased tablet device with a screen featuring language options.

A device that allows those who speak different languages or have different communication abilities to instantly and effectively communicate in real-time in over 120 languages and dialects. 

A monitor with black text magnified on a white background. A camera on an arm sits to the right and is focused on a document below it.

Visio picturizes and magnifies printed texts or objects and displays them enlarged on a flat-panel monitor in full color or in enhanced contrast. 

Large red square image with a colorful drawing of a creature peering over the edge of a keyboard.

A cloud-based program designed for students aged 7-12 with dyslexia that teaches touch typing while improving spelling.

Large orange square with a colorful drawing of four characters standing in a field.

A cloud-based program for children aged 6-11 with dyslexia designed to teach them number sense, strategies for times tables, and understanding time.

Square image of a colorful drawing of three pencils with smiley faces with a beach behind them.

A cloud-based program for children aged 7-14 with dyslexia designed to help them understand the building blocks of written language.

Screenshot with a large capital letter A on the left and a drawing of an alligator on the right.

A suite of four developmentally appropriate early learning activities for young children with special needs.

Large green square with a large letter S outlined in white that has a hand at the end of it and the index finger is pointing forward.

A teaching app for learning the basic building blocks of beginner American Sign Language (ASL) that is suitable for both children and adults.

A white rectangular device with a black background and large blue text displaying the time, day, time of day, and date.

The MEMOday is a way to keep track of the time of day. It is suitable for users who struggle to keep track of the time of day for various reasons such as, for example, dementia. 

An image of white, purple, and pink flowers above a digital display featuring the day of the week, month, and date.

Forget-me-not is an electronic calendar that shows the day of the week and the day on a display. The image can be personalized by replacing the image above the display, for example, a personal image, a phone book, or a weekly schedule.

A gray rectangular device with a black screen.

Communication tablets in various sizes that operate via touch, eye control, scan, head mouse, or keyboard and include specialized software.