Picture of three young children sitting in front of a woman who is seated at a desk and pointing at a computer screen.

A free speech development software program featuring displays and games designed to enhance therapy results with speech issues related to autism, apraxia, head injury, stroke, hearing impairment, cerebral palsy, oral motor articulation deficits, mental or emotional challenges, and other disabilities.  

Gray square with orange Pacman-like face with a sound wave coming out of its mouth on top of the word vox and games written below it.

A speech remediation and training program designed for use by children and teens with communication or speech disabilities. It includes 25 games specially developed for clinical therapy to stimulate voice and speech modification.

Image of a Perkins-style braille editor.

A free braille editor for Windows and Macintosh computers.

Laptop with display opened and showing a screenshot of a 10-letter word, control buttons below it, and two columns on the right with words in them.

A speech-enabled word game for Microsoft Windows.

Screenshot showing a calculator pad on the right and advanced math function buttons on the left and the calculation result across the top.

A voice output calculator program designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. It includes normal and scientific functions and can store and replay calculations.

Seven colorful software boxes staggered standing next to each other.

Software compatible with interactive whiteboards, TAP•it, and the Intended Touch Platform that includes seven programs designed for students with autism.

Cutout photos of people dancing on a gray floor with a red brick wall behind them.

A switch friendly music program for special needs learners.

Screenshot of a training status form with text entry boxes and check boxes.

A tool optimized to make worksheets and forms accessible. It is designed for filling out forms and adding annotations to existing PDF files or worksheets.

Green software box with an image of an owl on a branch and the product name underneath. Leaning against the box is a CD.

A program for students with disabilities to learn functional vocabulary words.

Rectangular onscreen keyboard with large Qwerty layout and function buttons across the top.

A free, open-source multi-purpose on-screen keyboard. It was designed with the needs of handicapped persons in mind.