Access to Education

Accessibility tools for the classroom or homework.
Large orange square with a colorful drawing of four characters standing in a field.

A cloud-based program for children aged 6-11 with dyslexia designed to teach them number sense, strategies for times tables, and understanding time.

Square image of a colorful drawing of three pencils with smiley faces with a beach behind them.

A cloud-based program for children aged 7-14 with dyslexia designed to help them understand the building blocks of written language.

Screenshot showing a window on right with a drawing of two boys drinking at a table and three-sentence options on the right with pictures above the words.

Language tutorial apps designed to help children and adults with physical or learning disabilities to recognize that words and sentences have meanings corresponding to actions in animated pictures.

Drawing of a pink armadillo against a light blue background.

A puzzle activity designed to promote visual-spatial development for very young and special needs children.

Drawing of a colorful bug in the center surrounded by smaller colorful bugs slightly obscured by blades of grass.

A suite of activities designed to promote visual discrimination skills in young and special needs children.

Screenshot with a large capital letter A on the left and a drawing of an alligator on the right.

A suite of four developmentally appropriate early learning activities for young children with special needs.

Large green square with a large letter S outlined in white that has a hand at the end of it and the index finger is pointing forward.

A teaching app for learning the basic building blocks of beginner American Sign Language (ASL) that is suitable for both children and adults.

Product logo, featuring a yellow rectangle with several smaller red squares on top, with the word "2000" in bold black font beneath.

A comprehensive tool for producing, sharing, and translating braille.

An encased black rectangular device with a digital display and various menu options, including volume level and acoustic control.

Vibroacoustic sound system that converts sound to vibration, and enables the connection of a microphone or USB connector with audio files.

A black rectangular device with a volumne knob on the left, a speaker on the right and a headset with microphone connected via an output on top.

Voice enhancer for people with a low or whispering voice, or in a professional context, where people should speak in larger assemblies.