Access to Education

Accessibility tools for the classroom or homework.
Screenshot showing scrolling wheels for parts of a sentence at the top and an image with menu options on the lower half of the screen.

Language apps designed to help children with special needs learn how to build grammatically correct sentences. 

Screenshot showing a scrolling wheel at the top with a series of sentences and a colorful drawing of a green fish about to eat a smaller yellow fish on the bottom.

A language and reading tutorial app designed for use by parents and teachers working with children with low vision, learning, communication, cognitive or hearing disabilities or autism.

Cover of DVD with a picture of a young boy smiling in the center surrounded by an orange border with hands-on each corner. At the bottom right are the covers of two books.

Sign language video programs designed to demonstrate storytelling techniques for parents who have children with hearing disabilities. Each DVD set features at least one classic story spoken aloud and signed in American Sign Language (ASL).



Rounded yellow square with the name of the company across the top, rainbow sentences are written across the bottom with each letter a different color, and a rainbow pattern coming out of the dot on the letter i.

A reading, language, and vocabulary tutorial program designed for use by children with language, developmental or learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, or adults with aphasia.

Picture of a board game with a white background and large square spaces with various images on them.

A CD containing printable activities related to "Old MacDonald's Farm" for use with children with cognitive, developmental, or multiple disabilities.

Screenshot of three image tiles of a bucket with sunflowers in front of, next to, and behind it.

A program for students with special needs designed to help them learn and practice 10 essential prepositions and following directions.

Screenshot of a software application displaying four different user profiles with photos, next to a list of contacts in the right sidebar.

Biofeedback-based cognitive and behavioral training program designed for use by children with cognitive or learning disabilities affecting attention, concentration, or focus. Users complete a series of video game-like exercises that are controlled by the mind alone and can see and hear real-time feedback of how they are progressing in focusing, finishing tasks, increasing memory, and filtering out distractions.

Photograph of five people in various work outfits, including a chef and a photographer.

A curriculum consisting of duplicatable PDF books, interactive programs, and interactive online access designed to help prepare students with special needs to take and pass the GED and to learn academic and life skills.

A framed drawing of a young boy with black hair giving a small brown dog a bath.

An early language development iPad app for children with special needs designed to practice language and auditory processing tasks at the basic sentence level.

Drawing of a pink pig against a light blue background looking at a butterfly and sitting on five small squares.

A set of four cause and effect training program titles designed for use by children with cognitive or severe physical disabilities.