Access to Education

Accessibility tools for the classroom or homework.
Rectangular white device with red surface and three toys on top next to three geometric shapes. Three black cables are on the lower right.

A sensory busy box designed to be a cause and effect training program, motor planning skill, and eye-hand coordination activity to provide audio, visual, and tactile stimulation for children with disabilities.

A bright yellow page with various decorative symbols along the border, and the words "Mexican sign Language, American Sign Language" in dark font. There are also illustrated hands spelling out the words in sign language above and below. In the bottom-right corner, an illustration of a child wearing a sombrero, with the word "Translator" in green, cursive font above.

Sign language program designed for use by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. With this program, translations can be obtained from ASL to MSL or vice versa by way of video clips showing actual signers.

Photo of woman with two arms extended and the number 10 in yellow superimposed over the image.

A multimedia program for self-calming and neurological healing for anyone with a compromised nervous system. It is designed for those with special needs or those who are challenged by conditions such as autism, anxiety, ADD, depression, and physical or emotional trauma.

Screenshot of subtraction problem across the top, a pile of pumpkins on the left, and three possible answers on the left.

A math skills tutorial app designed for use by parents or teachers working with children with developmental disabilities or autism.

Screenshot of math problem showing enlarged text and math equations.

A voiced version of MathPad (includes MathPad). Allows a student to do basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Has a method of checking answers, and MathPad will read back.

Screenshot divided into four blocks, with upper left block showing a robot and the other three blocks showing the sequence of steps taken to trace the letter R.

An alphabet tracing and handwriting app for children with special educational needs used by parents, teachers, and occupational therapists. 

Red square with the letters db in the center outlined in white and flipped below them is the same letters, upside down.

An app that helps children with dyslexia overcome common letter reversals and backward writing in early childhood development.

Screenshot of file manager showing a split-screen with documents on both sides and annotation marks on each.

A PDF reader app that can help individuals with communication problems by organizing PDFs of very large size, TXT documents with high-resolution graphics and pictures, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML files, and Safari web archives.

Collage of a drawing of many children's faces arranged in a large circle against a yellow background.

A preschool multimedia duplicatable educational curriculum designed to teach children of all abilities to appreciate learning and make good decisions.

Screenshot of a colorful drawing of a detective standing in the lower-left corner and letterboxes across the top spelling the word curious against an orange background.

A pre-reading and spelling interactive game app for children with language, developmental or learning disabilities or autism spectrum disorder.