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Cover of DVD set with series name at top in white letters against a blue background, a rounded image of the American flag in the middle against a white background, and a description of the series at the bottom against a blue background.

A language training and vocabulary enhancement program presented in American Sign Language (ASL) for use by people who are deaf or hard of hearing that provides a comprehensive way for individual students to learn common English idioms on 5 DVD discs. 

Screenshot showing a lesson plan for nouns with a list of exercises and checkboxes.

Spelling tutorial programs designed for use by children with cognitive or learning disabilities.

Large square cartoon drawing of two smiling animal faces with an open book in the background.

A reading tutorial, story reading and story writing app designed for use by children with cognitive, communication, language or learning disabilities or autism.

Photograph of five people in various work outfits, including a chef and a photographer.

A personal skills tutorial program that features 77 interactive online lessons designed for use by high school students or adults with cognitive or other disabilities.

Round green square with drawing of boy with blond hair holding up his right arm and making an ASL sign.

A series of sign language training apps designed for use by individuals with hearing disabilities and others desiring to learn American Sign Language.

Image of four rows of workbook and booklet sets for the science curriculums covered.

A standards-based curriculum designed for use by individuals with learning or cognitive disabilities that includes symbol-supported Student Books and Easy Reader Books, consumable Student Workbooks, and Teacher's Guides as well as scripted sample lessons. Additional activities, projects, articles, and experiments are included on the USB flash drives. 

Photograph of five people in various work outfits, including a chef and a photographer.

A curriculum consisting of duplicatable PDF books, interactive programs, and interactive online access designed to help prepare students with special needs to take and pass the GED and to learn academic and life skills.

Rectangular image block with a colorful drawing of five goofy characters and the program's name spelled out across the top with different colored letters.

An interactive educational app for use by children with communication, developmental or learning disabilities or autism spectrum disorder that will help them learn their ABCs and build their vocabulary.

Serotek logo of company name and red circle with white curved stripe and Accessibility, Anywhere written below it.

A cloud-based, accessible, scanning and reading program for the blind and visually impaired that works with both Windows and the Mac.

Fifteen colorful software boxes staggered standing next to each other.

An assortment of 15 early learning and special education interactive software created for switch use. Each program includes accessibility controls for switch use.