Adaptive or Assistive Products

Tools that allow a person with a disability to do things that able-bodied people do without help (other than computer access or communication aids)
Various models of timer switches, two of which resemble a standard analog clock timer that plugs directly into a wall outlet. The other two have digital displays and menu buttons.

Form of environmental control that allows users to program their appliances (coffee makers, lights, sprinkler systems, etc.) to operate automatically according to a schedule.

Various models of safes, ranging from short and rectangular black devices (resembling microwaves) with keypads and small LCD panels, to taller, vertical-standing safes, which resemble mini refrigerators.

Accessible in-room safe provides users with visual or auditory disabilities a way to safely lock and unlock the safe and store their valuables.

A monitor with black text magnified on a white background. A camera on an arm sits to the right and is focused on a document below it.

Visio picturizes and magnifies printed texts or objects and displays them enlarged on a flat-panel monitor in full color or in enhanced contrast. 

A slender, black rectangular device lined in gray around the edges with black braille keys at the bottom.

VarioPro 80 is equipped with 80 braille cells and thumb-operated roll bars that provide the user with uninterrupted reading and quicker orientation to the information that appears on the computer screen. New job functions can be added for use in the work environment. 

A black rectangular device with menu options on the front and an easel back.

Inductive Loop for service points, tables, and small areas. Easy and quick installation.

A white screen with black text inside a gray box with menu options at the bottom.
A program designed to have an automated system convert text files to mp3 to play on an mp3 player. Designed for people with visual difficulties to have an easy system to convert a book or document text to voice. 
Large red square image with a colorful drawing of a creature peering over the edge of a keyboard.

A cloud-based program designed for students aged 7-12 with dyslexia that teaches touch typing while improving spelling.

Large orange square with a colorful drawing of four characters standing in a field.

A cloud-based program for children aged 6-11 with dyslexia designed to teach them number sense, strategies for times tables, and understanding time.

Square image of a colorful drawing of three pencils with smiley faces with a beach behind them.

A cloud-based program for children aged 7-14 with dyslexia designed to help them understand the building blocks of written language.

Large yellow square with a drawing of a cow in the upper left square, the app name on the bottom left, and a large red button on the lower right with "Tap here to Scan" written in it.

An app designed to help children and adults with physical disabilities to learn to select pictures using a scanning device.