Alerting Systems

Tools to assure that the user is aware of alarms and alerts such ad doorbells, telephone ringing, or smoke alarms.
Silver triangular device with a mobile phone placed on it. The mobile phone screen displays a call coming in and a green light flashes below; the black iBell2 sits next to the silver model.

Signaling device that informs users about missed calls and displays every cell phone call signal with blue running light, which only goes out when the signal is acknowledged.

Front view of white rectangular device with button just above the speaker; a side view shows various ports. for connecting the device.

Compact alerting device that indicates a telephone or doorbell is ringing either with a bright flashing light or an extra loud tone - or both at the same time.

A black alarm clock with a lisa receiver on top, two silver RF repeaters with black antennas, a silver portable receiver, a table-top blinking lamp, and an analog clock with a bright light attached to the right.

Alerting system available as wired or wireless devices that provide light and vibration signals and consist of at least one transmitter and one receiver.

White electrical box with screws on the corners and a raised horizontal area with the word phone on it.

A loud, attention-getting electronic ringer with strobe light designed for use by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing that is suitable for noisy locations or outdoor areas.

Various models of smoke/CO detector. One resembles a standard detector, but with an extra-large strobe light. Another resembles a digital alarm clock that says "Fire." Two others feature round bed shaker components—one of which is shown with a companion smartphone app.

Accessible safety alarms for users with hearing impairments.

An illustration of an elderly user approaching a doorway. Lines represent a virtual "perimeter" around the door.

Alerts caregivers when a user navigates to a certain area or leaves a specified boundary.

Dark grey device resembling a pager with a wristband.

Wandering patient system with global positioning (GPS) monitoring and interactive voice capability.

A range of components, including a large TV monitor, a smaller tablet, a digital thermometer, and two standalone speakers.

Emergency alert system with monitoring service designed for use by individuals with disabilities or seniors who are at risk for medical emergencies. The system includes activity monitoring, emergency alert buttons, direct caregiver access to monitoring through the Internet, and an individualizable TV channel through which the caregiver can send messages.

A black, rectangular box with various multi-colored input jacks, similar to a DVD player.

A home emergency monitoring system designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities, hearing disabilities, and seniors. It allows users to remotely monitor and control systems from any telephone, anywhere.

Four different control panels with call buttons and speakers. They are off-white in color.

An emergency alert and evacuation system designed to enable persons with disabilities to summon evacuation assistance in multi-story commercial buildings and public accommodations.