Connects between handset and base

An amplifier/sound enhancer that connects between the telephone base and the handset
Gray device that connects to phone with control buttons on bottom edge.

Audio amplifier for telephones that also allows users to connect headphones to phones that do not have built-in headphone jacks.

Amplifier with boost dial, 4 option tone switch, & 8 option compatibility switch.

The Universal Phone Amplifier converts any corded telephone into an amplified phone. It connects between the handset and the phone base with up to 45dB amplification (200 times louder) and Tone Control, you can now hear clearly on your existing home phone.

In line rectangular phone amplifier with rotary volume control on cable between phone and dial pad base.

A small, AC-powered device for hearing impaired users designed to work with any standard or electronic phone and can increase incoming signals with up to 26 dB of gain above the normal level.

Black amplifier device with moving volume control and 3 buttons
This product has been discontinued.

Phone amplifier device to assist people with hearing difficulties.

A white rectangular box, shows model number top on the box and company logo down on the box

The Amplifier accessory VZ4 C21 for Bosch T9 models Volume and tone control is an amplifier accessory that pluggs in between the handset cord and the device using a Western-Plug connection and are thus already installed. 

Rectangular device with input on the bottom and a volume dial on the front face.

Universal amplifier for corded phones. 

Black device with volume and tone control and a button labelled "boost" to go up to 40 db

CLA 40 VOX is a telephone amplifier with booster button & tone control.

Handheld cellphone-like device with an up and down lever for volume, a side-to-side lever for tone, and a "boost" button.

Clarity® Telephone handset amplifier features adjustable incoming volume control/Clarity® Power™ technology for louder/clearer sound. Amplifier enhances incoming sounds up to 40 dB and is ideal for analog/digital corded phones.

Small, square device connect to a landline telephone
This product has been discontinued and is no longer supported and serviced.

An in-line amplifier to boost the volume of your telephone calls with an easy-to-use, rotary volume control dial.