Putting information or instructions into the computer

Accommodations that assist with the keyboard or mouse, or other ways of entering information.
A round switch with a green surface, a black base, and a black cord attached to the base.

A switch that is suitable for a variety of uses such as operating switch-adapted toys.

A round switch with a green surface and a black base.

A wireless switch that uses radiofrequency to communicate with the host device and provides a reliable connection for switch activation. Two Freedom Switches can be used together for dual switch applications. 

Three round switches in yellow, green, and blue, each with black cords attached to a black base.

Switch suitable for any communication aid, toy, or environmental control that uses one or more single input switch.

Two round button switches, aligned diagonally, with a larger one to the left of the smaller one, and each with a cord extending out the back and a large C in the center.

A sensitive and durable assistive technology switch designed for everyday use.

A white rectangular device with 4 inputs, on/connected, charging, and low battery indicators.

A switch access interface device to provide for switch input to iPads and iPhones. 

Drawing of a white rectangular input device outlined in black superimposed over a smartphone with a grid on it.

An app that enables users to control their Android device with a joystick, gamepad, keyboard, or switch.

Drawing of a white hand outlined in black with the index finger touches a smartphone with a grid on it.

An Android app that enables users to control their device with a single finger, even when they have dexterity problems.

Drawing of a white computer mouse superimposed over a drawing of a smartphone with a grid pattern on it.

A mouse control app that allows users to make use of a mobile device by using any kind of mouse used for accessing a computer. It provides features to simplify the use of the mouse pointer on Android devices.

Screenshot showing a split screen, with an image of user's eyes on the left and an on-screen keyboard on the right.

Software that enables people with severe disabilities to control a computer mouse with only the movement of their pupil or blinking.