Daily Living

Devices and services to provide support for everyday life.
Various models of timer switches, two of which resemble a standard analog clock timer that plugs directly into a wall outlet. The other two have digital displays and menu buttons.

Form of environmental control that allows users to program their appliances (coffee makers, lights, sprinkler systems, etc.) to operate automatically according to a schedule.

A black rectangular device with a black cord attached with USB attachment at the end.

Control any household element or device from your computer using an infrared learning system that works using a remote control.

A remote control with various icons and arrows to indication functions.

A remote control that can control up to 112 household devices in an accessible manner with an infrared learning system that can control any device that works using a remote control. 

A white rectangular device menu options on the front, an antenna on the top, and hook on the back.

The Emfit SafeBed is a "missing person alarm" that can register when a person gets out of bed or fails to return to bed within a pre-set time. It is suitable for people who are unable to activate alarms when they need help, for example, those with dementia.

Two white rectangular objects with corresponding parts and a black power cord.

The remotely operated window opener makes it possible for users with disabilities to open and close a window with an infrared transmitter. The opener is suitable for most in- and outgoing windows.

A white rectangular device with 3 outputs and mounted power supply attached.

An IR receiver with which it is possible to control the functions of a motorized bed wirelessly via a GEWA IR transmitter. The receiver has 8 relay outputs, that can control a maximum of 8 functions of a bed: the head end, the foot end, knee part, and the whole bed up/down. 

A black rectangular device with 10 buttons featuring numbers and symbols.

Programmable hand-held IR transmitters with four operating levels.


A rectangular-shaped device with menu options featuring icons for lights, locks, a door, a TV, and other options.

Control Omni helps users perform tasks and keep in touch with people via text messages with word prediction or regular phone calls. It suits people who have a strong need to be able to control their environment.

A black star-shaped device with a white cord.

Programmable IR transmitter with a USB interface for connecting to a computer for programming, control, and backup.

Start page with menu options featuring TV, Contact Dad, Bed, and On/Off Lights.

Helps users control the appliances in their home by using built-in and downloaded apps with a smartphone or tablet. The remote control app can operate a TV, turn lights on and off, and open windows and doors or z-wave units such as the Andromeda Socket.