Daily Living

Devices and services to provide support for everyday life.
Text in a document with a pop-up window of word prediction choices.

Writing and reading assistive software that allows users to read and write more and more efficiently. The WordQ toolbar integrates itself with software and with popular websites to improve users' skills in all areas.

CamScanner logo featuring a dark gray slate-colored square with rounded corners with the bottom fifth of it blue-green. On it are the thick white capital letters: "C", "S".

An app to scan docs into clear & sharp image/PDF with a mobile device, to email, fax, print or save to cloud.

A smartphone with a street map on the screen, showing several pins in colors of green, yellow, and red. Above this pic is the tag line: Discover accessible places.

An Android and iOS app that uses crowd-sourcing to pinpoint the accessibility status of locations on an interactive map.

A text box labeled "description" with text inside that reads "All purpose cleaner." "Cleaning Supply" is selected as the detail type below.

An app to use with smart WayTag NFC tags (sold separately) to add helpful info to various items. WayTags come as stickers, magnets, buttons, and clips.

A handheld megaphone trimmed in blue.

An Android app that manages lists of web pages, news articles, long emails, SMS, PDF files, etc. that will be read out loud, using a third party's Text-To-Speech engine and voices.

The Easy Rider graphic display is shown with a green screen and an icon menu. There are two nodules at the bottom for a connecting wire and to the wheelchair or tripod.

A complete control system with an extensive range of control options for the wheelchair and environment via infrared transmission and radio waves. Regardless of the user's limited motor possibilities, it is possible to control the environment from the wheelchair, bed or seat. 

Loud Steps app with an option for "List closest member locations." Different venues are named, each with an expanding arrow.

A cell phone application designed to help individuals who are visually impaired with the navigation of indoor venues. 

Lazarillo app screens shown on 3 different phones. The first shows icons of nearby services, like a bus, drinks, fork and knife, shopping, etc. The second phone shows a map with locations pinpointed, below which is a listing of names and addresses of the corresponding establishments. The third phone shows the audio menu with slide bars to adjust volume, speech speed, and pitch. Also is a drop-down selection for language and a particular speaker.

A smartphone application providing an accessible GPS to help blind or low-vision individuals explore nearby places and street intersections. 

Aira Horizon glasses are shown with a heavy black plastic frame, darkened glass and a nose bridge only (no pads). The arms have a light blue circle with a  silver band that extends to the outer corner of the eyeglass.

A bundled version of the Aira service which connects blind and low vision individuals with agents that can help them navigate the environment through a video link.

A grocery shopping checklist with prices of items such as bread, bananas, and cheese.

A simple-to-use shopping list application for Android or iPhone.