Daily Living

Devices and services to provide support for everyday life.
A black rectangular device with six message icons with text above such as "television" and "coffee," and a handle on the top.

Message recording and playback device that will hold up to 10 levels of recordings with each cell recording up to 10 seconds of audio.

Wristwatch-sized device with a light green band connected to a black rectangular device with a small black button and a small round silver button.

A wristband designed for individuals who are blind or partially blind that guides users to their destination using only vibrations. The Wayband app must be downloaded before using the device.  

Screenshot of a keyboard, with keys colored yellow, red, and blue and letter tiles in a row at the bottom.

An iPad app that is designed to help teach individuals with dyslexia in reading and spelling.

Smartphone screenshot of a map with several wheelchair-accessible restrooms identified.

A free environmental accessibility mapping app for people with mobility disabilities, walking disabilities and other disabilities designed to find wheelchair-friendly restrooms and parking.

Smartphone screenshot of a map with a menu screen open showing location information.

A free environmental accessibility mapping program for people with mobility disabilities, walking disabilities, and other disabilities that require that the indoor or outdoor environment be adapted to be completely accessible. The program provides information provided by other Wheelmap users about the accessibility for specific locations.

Logo, with large orange letters for viz, followed by an orange uppercase L, and then lowercase le in blue.

An interactive, subscription-based visual learning web platform for educators and administrators designed to give students with special needs an easy-to-use, engaging tool to help them learn the curriculum, develop skills, and demonstrate understanding.

Screenshot of a photo of a child talking on the left and a drawing of a child talking on the right, with two timer counters in between.

A behavior training program designed to teach conversational skills to children with cognitive disabilities.

Photograph of five people in various work outfits, including a chef and a photographer.

A curriculum that teaches students to be responsible for their actions and is designed for use by individuals with learning, cognitive, or vision disabilities.

Binder package cover showing teacher holding a notebook and students reading a newspaper and looking at a schedule.

An educational resource designed to help students with special needs and learning differences develop reading skills along with everyday life skills. The package includes a three-ring binder and CD. 

Cartoon image of a duck standing in a field on top of a menu of eight images of a duck with various facial expressions.

A speech and oral motor skills training app designed for children with Apraxia of Speech, Down syndrome or craniofacial anomalies that experience difficulties with their oral motor skills.