Daily Living

Devices and services to provide support for everyday life.
A box with a photo of a smartphone on the front.

A package of several Android smartphone applications that help people who experience difficulties with time, structure, appointments, initiative, planning, memory, focus and concentration, or just the handling of a smartphone.

A black, rectangular device with 3 white rectangular objects mounted on the side.

A radiofrequency receiver that can control two different functions from a motor-driven unit, such as blinds, window, screens, and kitchen elements.

A white, rectangular device with a round white socket at the top.

A "Plug and Play" device that allows users to send out a warning signal using a control or switch that best suits the user's needs. A family member or caregiver will receive an acoustic warning signal when you activate the alarm.

A white, rectangular device with a round white socket at the top.

A Plug'n'Play device that can turn on and off all types of devices and contact-based devices, either via a BJ control or an external switch. 

Logo with a red dot between the word Aabentoft and the letters "dk."

Bluetooth Mouse Simulator - AMSLXBTA allows users to control the mouse pointer on a PC, Mac, or an Android-based smartphone from a chair's joystick. 

Three white rectangular boxes. The first, the door unit, includes a speaker at the top and a screen with a doorbell icon below. The second, the room unit, includes a speaker at the top and a  lack screen below with icons for speaking and for a key. The last object is the central unit, which includes a single port on the bottom.

A door phone that is suitable for disabled, speech-disabled, and elderly users. A door unit is attached outside a door, which allows the user to call in the home for a conversation and also open the door.

A white rectangular device with a white socket at the bottom and a black screen with a power button above it.

Allows users to turn on / off lights and other devices. It is easy to move the unit in the home and it can be controlled in three different ways: with an IR transmitter, an RF transmitter or via contact.

A black rectangular device with a green rectangular structure mounted on the end.

Controls the power functions of the wheelchair and is suitable for all wheelchair users. It is an output stage for controlling an actuator or DC motor, so it is controlled outside the wheelchair's electronics.

A black rectangular device with a red light at the top and a cord on the bottom.

A small, flat sensor with a large sensing range that makes it suitable for a range of applications.

Large vertical green rectangular shape with the name of the product at the top in gold lettering. A large gold-rimmed circle is in the middle with the outline of a head and various symbols all over it.

An online life skills curriculum that provides information that allows learners to become more functionally independent in their homes, schools, communities, and workplaces.