Daily Living

Devices and services to provide support for everyday life.
One hand of an individual holding the Maggie magnifier over a portion of a book which is held in the other hand of the individual, The Maggie has a white screen showing magnified wording from the book.

Portable electronic magnifier for individuals with low vision or macular degeneration.

Screenshot of an AAC board with symbol options on the left, a calender on the center left, a weekly planner in the center right, and a day planner on the left.

A visual diary app for Android and iOS devices designed especially for people with autism or communication difficulties that emphasizes visual elements and offers different customization options.

Gray googles and headband, with a clear eye shield and a knob on the right.

Electronic glasses designed to enable people with severe low vision to regain their visual independence.

Video display showing a cut orange attached to a stand with a flat surface below.

A portable video magnifier for people with vision impairments that features a 12-inch full-HD display and magnification up to 19x.

Picture of a hand holding a small video screen, which is being held over a book and shows a magnified image of a bird.

A series of handheld electronic video magnifiers that offer high-resolution HD cameras and autofocus capabilities and are designed to be user-friendly and contemporary.

Widescreen, flat-panel LED display with a picture of a field on it attached to a desktop stand with an open book on it.

A high-resolution, flat-screen desktop video magnifier mounted on an ergonomic swivel-tilt arm.

Rounded square cartoon drawing of an orange fox holding a tablet with letter combinations on the screen.

An app for improving a child’s speech that is designed for children with speech sound errors. It is developed to be used in consultation with a speech therapist.

Various models of timer switches, two of which resemble a standard analog clock timer that plugs directly into a wall outlet. The other two have digital displays and menu buttons.

Form of environmental control that allows users to program their appliances (coffee makers, lights, sprinkler systems, etc.) to operate automatically according to a schedule.

A black rectangular device with a black cord attached with USB attachment at the end.

Control any household element or device from your computer using an infrared learning system that works using a remote control.

A remote control with various icons and arrows to indication functions.

A remote control that can control up to 112 household devices in an accessible manner with an infrared learning system that can control any device that works using a remote control.