Daily Living

Devices and services to provide support for everyday life.
An image of white, purple, and pink flowers above a digital display featuring the day of the week, month, and date.

Forget-me-not is an electronic calendar that shows the day of the week and the day on a display. The image can be personalized by replacing the image above the display, for example, a personal image, a phone book, or a weekly schedule.

A gray rectangular device with a horizontal row of lights above the numbers 2, 4, 6, and 8.

An aid for persons with cognitive dysfunction. An electronic hourglass which, with luminous dots, shows how much time is left for a defined time interval.

A gray rectangular device with a vertical row of lights next to the numbers 8, 6, 4, and 2.

A tool that suits all age groups and makes it easier to understand time, e.g., how long an activity takes or when an activity should start.

A black rectangular device with a black cord.

Provides added safety for the wheelchair user as the wheelchair can be stopped by a relative or assisted by remote control. The operation also releases the wheelchair into normal driving again.

A beige rectangular device with an antenna and a cord and a small black remote with buttons.

Remote control to prevent further driving that includes one button for stop and one button for run.

A smartphone with an icon of a hand opening an envelope with a label at the top of the screen that reads "Alarm".

Handy Calendar is a time and planning tool for iPhone and iPod touch. The calendar provides an overview of the day, week, and month. Receive clear alarms when activities begin and end. 

A box with a photo of a smartphone on the front.

A package of several Android smartphone applications that help people who experience difficulties with time, structure, appointments, initiative, planning, memory, focus and concentration, or just the handling of a smartphone.

A black, rectangular device with 3 white rectangular objects mounted on the side.

A radiofrequency receiver that can control two different functions from a motor-driven unit, such as blinds, window, screens, and kitchen elements.

A white, rectangular device with a round white socket at the top.

A "Plug and Play" device that allows users to send out a warning signal using a control or switch that best suits the user's needs. A family member or caregiver will receive an acoustic warning signal when you activate the alarm.

A white, rectangular device with a round white socket at the top.

A Plug'n'Play device that can turn on and off all types of devices and contact-based devices, either via a BJ control or an external switch.