Document Camera

A dark blue background with a white and red graphic, consisting of a camera scanning a sheet of paper.

Using the native iOS camera, the app can "scan" paper documents and read the text content out loud.

A woman uses a Mac desktop computer, which is displaying high-contrast, black-on-white, magnified content.

Plug-and-play video magnifier designed for use by individuals with low vision.

Monitor with magnifier mounted at the top with controls to zoom and a light attached.

A video magnifier series with both standard and HD optics and a range of options.

Screen magnifier camera mounted on bottom of monitor on a flat mount.

HD video magnifier with a range of desktop monitor options.

Rectangular tablet with blue control buttons along the edges. A hand holding the tablet above a newspaper and a digital version of a magnified newspaper excerpt displayed on screen.

Desktop video magnifier allows users to comfortably read printed text from their location.

Portable video magnifier transformer in collapsed position, opening position, and upright position.

Portable video magnifier with an HD camera. The device features magnification of up to 30x and an optional full-page text-to-speech converter.

Curved screen on desk with a news article on display with a black backdrop and white type.

Ultra-wide HD TV screen with a host of accessibility features for individuals with visual impairments.

Square black magnifier unit with 3.5-inch screen.

A pocket-sized handheld video magnifier designed for people with low vision.