Entertainment and Play

Systems to allow participation in various forms of entertainment and play.
A screenshot of Rick Astley singing with a red circle and a blue circle in the foreground. The score appears at the top right.

An open-source rhythm/music game for Android that brings a Dance Dance Revolution experience. 

A round switch with a green surface, a black base, and a black cord attached to the base.

A switch that is suitable for a variety of uses such as operating switch-adapted toys.

Diagram with a screenshot of the software in the middle and arrows pointing to various functions connected to boxes with explanations.

Software for people with motor, cognitive, and sensorial handicaps to use for listening to music and viewing photographs.

Video display showing a cut orange attached to a stand with a flat surface below.

A portable video magnifier for people with vision impairments that features a 12-inch full-HD display and magnification up to 19x.

A rectangular black electronic device with two control knobs on the front face with a speaker in between them. In front of the knobs are five buttons. On the front edge of the device are ports connected to five colorful round switches.

An adaptive music device for teachers, therapists, parents and others who want to use music in an activity with children or adults to learn about switches and turn-taking.

Picture of a teenage boy's head and shoulders blowing into a tube connected to an oblong black device.

An adaptive electronic wind instrument that enables people with disabilities to play music with only small movements of the head.

A small gray rectangular device.

CM-3 is a pneumatic switch that users can install with a choice of either a sip or puff function. 

A black screen with graphics of starts, a rocket, and a flying saucer above it.

Platets Voladors is a game suitable for people with motor disabilities where flying saucers that come out from the top of the screen must be fired at. It works with the left, right, and shift keys. 

Large rectangular tablet with AAC keyboard on the display and a camera mounted on the top.

Augmentative communications tablet devices that come with Android-based Chat software designed to fit a variety of needs for communicators at all levels.

A blue round disk with a black base and a butterfly and water drop logo in the middle and the letters WR below it.

An ability switch with a silent click and soft edges. It comes in six different colors, and in diameters of either 30 and 50 mm.