Environmental Accomodations

Tools to monitor and control the physical environment
Various models of timer switches, two of which resemble a standard analog clock timer that plugs directly into a wall outlet. The other two have digital displays and menu buttons.

Form of environmental control that allows users to program their appliances (coffee makers, lights, sprinkler systems, etc.) to operate automatically according to a schedule.

A monitor with black text magnified on a white background. A camera on an arm sits to the right and is focused on a document below it.

Visio picturizes and magnifies printed texts or objects and displays them enlarged on a flat-panel monitor in full color or in enhanced contrast. 

A white, rectangular device with a round white socket at the top.

A "Plug and Play" device that allows users to send out a warning signal using a control or switch that best suits the user's needs. A family member or caregiver will receive an acoustic warning signal when you activate the alarm.

Three white rectangular boxes. The first, the door unit, includes a speaker at the top and a screen with a doorbell icon below. The second, the room unit, includes a speaker at the top and a  lack screen below with icons for speaking and for a key. The last object is the central unit, which includes a single port on the bottom.

A door phone that is suitable for disabled, speech-disabled, and elderly users. A door unit is attached outside a door, which allows the user to call in the home for a conversation and also open the door.

A black cylindrical device with a cord attached to the end.

A sensor that is suitable for users who experience difficulty controlling movements. Any movement crossing the large sensing range of the beam will activate the switch.

Picture of a traffic light shaped device with a hand pushing down on the middle yellow light.

A wall-mounted, touch-activated toy designed to introduce children with cognitive or physical disabilities to cause and effect concepts and to identify traffic lights and their meaning.

Screenshot of menu listing six locations, including the mall, doctor, and grocery store.

A visual teaching tool for helping children and teenagers with Autism and Asperger Syndrome learn to navigate challenging locations in the community.

Screenshot showing a 2x4 grid of images of everyday safety-related situations with a descriptive word underneath them.

An accessible learning tool that provides self-directed sessions for 27 important safety skills topics and is specifically designed to be used directly by individuals with autism, learning or other developmental disabilities at their own pace.

Screenshot showing list of sensory control options.

An app for people with special needs designed to allow them to control Experia IRiS Sensory Products or to enable them to control a multi-sensory room.

Screen showing a Today's Routines menu with various recurring tasks listed.

An app designed to help users with attention deficit disorders manage their chores.