Loud Ringer

Make the ring of the phone loud enough to be heard for those with limited hearing or noisy environments.
Various models of flashing strobe devices that alert deaf or hard-of-hearing users when the phone rings. One device is a white, rectangular box with a clear LED strobe. Another is a red triangle strobe. The third and fourth models are base stands for smartphones that feature built-in cradles for the devices and built-in flashing light displays on the base.

Flashing telephone signaler is a visual alert system to notify deaf or hard of hearing users when they have an incoming phone call.

A medium-sized, white, and square device with a large built-in speaker face.

Telephone signal indicator designed for use by individuals who are hard of hearing. This device alerts the user to incoming telephone calls through a variety of signaling options including horn, bell, chime, or vibrating chime.

White electrical box with screws on the corners and a raised horizontal area with the word phone on it.

A loud, attention-getting electronic ringer with strobe light designed for use by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing that is suitable for noisy locations or outdoor areas.

Screenshot of a Windows OS desktop application, featuring a menu bar and a three-pane program window. The window features an input box for a contact name and number, as well as a "missed call" log.

Voice-output telephone and caller identification (ID) program designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision.

Various models of amplified telephones. Two models resemble standard corded telephones, but with a band of LED lights across the bottom edge of the receiver. One of them has a display screen. The other two models are cordless, with a large round speaker built-in the handset at the top above the display screen. They both have volume control buttons on the receiver. One has a round black display screen with blue numbers indicating volume level. All models are white or silver. One has bright yellow buttons.

Amplified telephones have extra-loud ringers and speaker volume, making them easier to hear.

Various models of cell phones for seniors. They resemble standard cell phones. One model is a flip phone; the other three are "candy bar" phones with large, easy-to-see buttons. One model is a smartphone with a touchscreen. This shows a simplified menu for"Phone," "Text Messages," "Camera," "Email Messages," etc. One phone has purple, red, pink, lime yellow, and blue buttons. The other models are black, white, red, and dark grey.

Provides essential phone and texting capabilities with a simplified interface, easy-to-see buttons and screen, and enhanced soakers for the hard-of-hearing.

Unlocked iPhone resting upright on blue docking station.

Desktop signaling device for landline and mobile phones, notifying you when you have incoming calls by phone, Skype, FaceTime and text messages. The device is extra loud and also features a flashing-light visual alert.

Slim rectangular device with green screen displaying time and other controls along bottom of screen.

Wireless alert system that provides both audio, visual, and vibration alerts. It alerts you to all the daily sounds in your home with add-on transmitters such as the alarm clock, door, phone, baby, and alarm sound from your audio alarms, warnings from your motion detectors and storm warning from your NOAA radio and more.

Wired speaker with three control dials.

The Extension Ringer / General Purpose Alarm is a plastic box like device that amplifies the ring volume of the phone. It can be installed in conjunction with a standard telephone. The device has adjustable ring pitch and volume control knobs located on the lower front face.

Round, flat device and smartphone with alarm time screen.

A portable vibrating travel alarm bed shaker with multiple alarms for deaf people, couples and seniors.