Media Players

Access entertainment from broadcast, streaming, or personal players.
A small black rectangular device on a neck strap with three icon buttons on the front: a telephone, a microphone, and a computer.

A device that gives users wearing Oticon hearing aids control over all functions: changing the hearing programs or regulating the hearing aid volume and the connection to all audio, entertainment and communication devices. This device sends audio signals directly to both ears, transforming the hearing aids into two small wireless headphones.

Large, yellow rectangular software box with screen shot of MAGic software menu on cover.

A screen magnification and screen reading program for low vision computer users.

Partial view of a wheelchair is shown with a large button-switch attached to a screen, both mounted at the end of the armrest. The screen is blue with a small built-in antenna.

A complete control system of the environment and communication systems through the user's wheelchair, regardless of the user's minimum mobility.

Diagram with a screenshot of the software in the middle and arrows pointing to various functions connected to boxes with explanations.

Software for people with motor, cognitive, and sensorial handicaps to use for listening to music and viewing photographs.

A black rectangular device with six inputs on the side.

A Programmable IR transmitter that can be used with up to six different 0/1 contacts. Big Jack is suitable for anyone who needs big and clear contacts.

Angled view of rectangular black electronic device with a display showing control button choices and sound indicators.

A touch-free music system designed to allow people with physical or developmental disabilities to create music by using sensor technology to translate body movement into sounds.

Picture of two hands holding a small, white device hovering over a book, with the device's screen showing a magnified image of a picture from the book.

A portable video magnifier with a built LCD screen and battery power supply designed for use by individuals with low vision.

Cutout photos of people dancing on a gray floor with a red brick wall behind them.

A switch friendly music program for special needs learners.

A large, rectangular shape with three purple oat drawings on the left and the word OATS in all caps on the right.

A simple CD player that is controlled using a single switch or the keyboard's spacebar.

Screenshot of a purple control screen with a digital counter on top and a 2x3 grid of large orange control buttons in the middle.

A free, switch accessible CD player for Windows 95 onwards.