Media Players

Access entertainment from broadcast, streaming, or personal players.
Monitor with magnifier mounted at the top with controls to zoom and a light attached.

A video magnifier series with both standard and HD optics and a range of options.

Screen magnifier camera mounted on bottom of monitor on a flat mount.

HD video magnifier with a range of desktop monitor options.

Video magnifier with words displayed on monitor screen. The device features a platform base for placing materials to be magnified.

A series of desktop video magnifiers with HD magnification.

Video magnifier with camera mounted above monitor to read text below and display large print on screen..

Portable or desktop HD video magnifier device used to magnify text, view photos, check ingredients on food packaging, do crafts and other activities.

System that resembles a football goal post with red lasers extending from the center to the arms and control buttons on the center bottom edge.

Laser-based interactive music system for music therapy. The system has been inclusively designed and can be operated with an adaptive keyboard or switch.

EarCatch logo

Audio description for film and TV. Earcatch tells you what you can’t see.

Wrap-around earphones.

The Auvisio Wireless Sports Headset with Bluetooth 4.1 and Battery are light, have strong sound, and are energy efficient. The sound transmission into the inner ear occurs via the temporal bone, so the ears remain open for traffic and environmental noise.

Sony boom box with speakers on the front and a CD drive on the top along with control buttons.

A portable Sony boom box that has been adapted to work with a switch (not included) in two different ways – one version operates with batteries only, the other operates with AC adapter only.

Remote Mouse on a smartphone device featuring an onscreen keyboard that takes the full display area in landscape. 

Software to turn a mobile phone or tablet into a set of wireless mouse, trackpad and keyboard that control a computer. It is designed for one-hand use, intuitive operation and voice recognition.

Headphones and a round portable CD player.

A portable switch-adapted CD player.