Media Players

Access entertainment from broadcast, streaming, or personal players.
Device with directional and ok buttons, record button.

Lettore Daisy Reader is a daisy reader with a talking compass and FM radio.  

Handheld Scanner with channel display, control buttons, frequency modulating knob, and antenna.

The Uniden BC75XLT is a compact handheld scanner that is ideal for listening to events as they unfold. During severe weather or other disasters, listen to reports going directly to emergency agencies as it happens. The BC75XLT covers the bands used by Amature Radio Operators for Emergency reporting including NOAA weather broadcasts, as well as frequencies used at other events such as auto races, local events, and more.

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Selection of audio CDs, MP3s, and so on of the Good News, Today's English and King James versions of the Bible.

Red-and-black tablet, which is powered on and displaying a blue background with white square menu buttons. The tablet is housed in a red protective case.

A tablet made for kids.

Transmitter and front view of receiver neck loop with control buttons.

A wireless listening device that allows users to listen to the television or other audio sources without increasing the volume on the television. 

Black handheld device the size and shape of a mobile phone with control and number buttons on the front and a camera on the back.

Blaze digital audio players are portable Optical Character Recognition (OCR) multi-media devices suitable for blind and visually impaired consumers. They can play digital books, music files, document files, Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY) content, and FM radio. It can also scan and recognize printed text and text image files with a built-in five-megapixel camera and OCR software.

Keyboard on a wireless device with a button at the bottom.

Two in One The Lenovo Mini Wireless Keyboard (N5901) offers a compact way to improve your home theater PC experience. This device communicates with your PC by way of a tiny USB dongle providing an excellent range during your use.

Black foam cube with a large round bump on each face.

An accessible, tactile cube that allows children with disabilities to explore creative opportunities. Recommended for learning, playing, or creating music using an accessible interface on an iPad or Mac.

Large buttons attached with iPod mount.

A control device to help people with fine motor disabilities.