Media Players

Access entertainment from broadcast, streaming, or personal players.
Rectangular device with front circular power button, channel and volume control options. Hand crank on back and antenna on top.

A small yet mighty radio that’s not just for emergencies.

BIG Launcher icons

BIG Launcher is an android home screen optimized for elderly people and people with eye problems.

Stylized image of blue radio with an antenna on right and musical note on left.

QualiRADIO is the radio program of the QualiWORLD software platform.

A woman wearing a headset and sitting in front of a computer monitor while using the LCD Reader.
This product has been discontinued.

Screen reader software.

BigShot Magnifier box with a magnified image of content on the computer screen.
This product has been discontinued.

BigShot is a full-screen magnification system provides 20 adjustable levels of enlargement, from 105% to 200% (1.05x to 2x) and allows users to pan smoothly beyond the limits of the viewing area, simply by moving the mouse. 

Black, rectangular unit, showing the front view with ports.

Loop Driver for meetings and classrooms, TV lounges and other smaller areas.

A black amplifier box.

Univox AutoLoop 2.0 is an automatic and modern hearing loop amplifier.

Screenshot of main menu showing two main scroll lists and options along the bottom.

Free software that enables blind and screen reader users to use podcasts.

Guide logo, which includes a conversation bubble with green and blue bullet points next to lines.

Talking technology and software, designed for people with partial sight or blindness, who have little or no experience of using computers. Send emails, browse the web, write letters, read books and newspapers, hear your post read aloud, and other functions. 

Word processing program featuring a selection of text an illustration.

Page scanning software that reads text aloud with adjustable reading speed.