Computer Access and Use (PC, Tablet, eBook)

Products that make the devices easier to control or use to perform tasks.
Large vertical green rectangular shape with the name of the product at the top in gold lettering. A large gold-rimmed circle is in the middle with the outline of a head and various symbols all over it.

An online life skills curriculum that provides information that allows learners to become more functionally independent in their homes, schools, communities, and workplaces.

A metal cylindrical device with a black tip and a nut that screws on the end.

A switch that works best when the eye-blink is the only movement the user is able to perform. The sensor is capable of discriminating between random eye-blinks and a purposeful, controlled eye-blink. 

A square device with a black frame around and an illustration of two light bulbs, one off and one on, with text that reads "light."

A low-profile mechanical switch that requires a few grams of pressure to activate. With a click sound to signal activation, it sits on a slightly angled platform for easier access.

A red want attached to a blue and gray switch with black cord for plugging in.

A mechanical switch intended to be used by any body part that can press against the wand. It is useful for people who need assistance with poor motor control.

Black square with the word Cog written in scrip and a leaf coming out of the top of the letter C.

An indoor/outdoor navigation app that is designed to help people with visual impairments explore the world without vision. 

A black rectangular device with 16 message icons with text above such as "brush teeth" and "brother," and a handle on the top.

A multi-level communication device that reads overlays by detecting the hole pattern that is punched in the overlay.

Partial view of woman holding a tablet with left hand and right hand is pointing at text on the screen.

An online library of books narrated by trained readers and edited by speech-language pathologists designed for older students reading at elementary school levels.

Colorful drawing of a computer monitor on the right with a display showing a pattern and a red switch on the right with a blank conversation bubble above it.

Software for users who have difficulty with text or communication that helps them learn to make choices.

Colorful drawing of computer display with a flowchart diagram with a large diagram outside the display on the left and an idea bubble with a light bulb in it on the far left.

A program for users who have difficulty with text or communication that combines the visual tool of mind mapping with the support of Widgit Symbols.

Photograph of plush turtle toy on a table with an orange box and a small green tablet device.

An accessible learning environment for children with special needs. It combines tablet apps and a wireless smart toy to encourage children's interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).