Phone speaks numbers as they are pressed

To assist dialing for people who are blind or low vision, the phone speaks each number as it is pressed.
Various models of cell phones for seniors. They resemble standard cell phones. One model is a flip phone; the other three are "candy bar" phones with large, easy-to-see buttons. One model is a smartphone with a touchscreen. This shows a simplified menu for"Phone," "Text Messages," "Camera," "Email Messages," etc. One phone has purple, red, pink, lime yellow, and blue buttons. The other models are black, white, red, and dark grey.

Provides essential phone and texting capabilities with a simplified interface, easy-to-see buttons and screen, and enhanced soakers for the hard-of-hearing.

Various types of accessibility features in mobile devices. In one image, there is an illustration of a user controlling their smartphone using voice control. Also shown is an iPhone with screen magnification. The screen is zoomed in and shows a section of the home screen apps. There is an iPhone connected via its charging port to an external switch adapter. The switch is large, round, and red. There is also a hand holding a touchscreen candy-bar style mobile phone that is displaying braille.

There are many different accessibility features that are built into mobile phones, as well as phones designed specifically for different disability groups. GARI provides the ability to find just the features you are looking for.  

Screen shot of eyes free project keyboard tutor
This product has been discontinued.

Software for users to become familiar with phone's buttons and keyboard layout.

Number pad with telephone receiver.

Battery operated portable keypad to assist in dialing a telephone number.