Pointing and Clicking

Assist with mouse, touch-screens and ability switches.
A metal cylindrical device with a black tip and a nut that screws on the end.

A switch that works best when the eye-blink is the only movement the user is able to perform. The sensor is capable of discriminating between random eye-blinks and a purposeful, controlled eye-blink. 

A square device with a black frame around and an illustration of two light bulbs, one off and one on, with text that reads "light."

A low-profile mechanical switch that requires a few grams of pressure to activate. With a click sound to signal activation, it sits on a slightly angled platform for easier access.

A red want attached to a blue and gray switch with black cord for plugging in.

A mechanical switch intended to be used by any body part that can press against the wand. It is useful for people who need assistance with poor motor control.

Screenshot of Windows desktop with multiple windows open and pop outs magnifying two of the program's functions.

A multi-function, programmable, single-switch interface for Windows, offering a flexible means of independent control access to educational and productivity software, multimedia programs, and recreational activities.

Fifteen colorful software boxes staggered standing next to each other.

An assortment of 15 early learning and special education interactive software created for switch use. Each program includes accessibility controls for switch use.

Cutout photos of people dancing on a gray floor with a red brick wall behind them.

A switch friendly music program for special needs learners.

A medium-sized dark grey device resembling an old-fashioned radio, with two round dials, various menu buttons, a built-in speaker, and a small LCD display panel on the front.

AM, FM and HD radio with voice output controls and reading service receiver designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision.

A medium-sized black box resembling a speaker. Attached via cord is a small, white, and rectangular component.

Security system designed for use by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Long black curved arm with white plastic mouthpiece at one end and connector at the other end. Small rectangular device on right.

A sip-and-puff switch that requires no power source.

Front-facing view of small white rectangular device with two black connector cables on the left side, two connector slots on the front, and the product's name in blue written on the top.

A plug-and-play, USB-based switchbox that enables users to simultaneously control a computer and up to four switch-enabled external devices using any two switches.