Print Document Reader

Access to printed material bound in books or as letters and other forms.
One hand of an individual holding the Maggie magnifier over a portion of a book which is held in the other hand of the individual, The Maggie has a white screen showing magnified wording from the book.

Portable electronic magnifier for individuals with low vision or macular degeneration.

Video display showing a cut orange attached to a stand with a flat surface below.

A portable video magnifier for people with vision impairments that features a 12-inch full-HD display and magnification up to 19x.

A dark blue background with a white and red graphic, consisting of a camera scanning a sheet of paper.

Using the native iOS camera, the app can "scan" paper documents and read the text content out loud.

A small camera mounted on an angled neck and connected to a platform base, with space for the user to place print materials on top of and position underneath the camera for magnifying. Next to the camera is a small TV displaying the magnified content (a family photo).

Portable video magnifier designed for use by individuals with low vision. This video magnifier can be attached to most standard television monitors using the television set's video input feature.

A desktop monitor and open magazine on a desk. There is a magnifying camera on a  long gooseneck positioned over the magazine. The monitor is displaying the zoomed-in view of the magazine.

A video magnifier designed for use by individuals with low vision.

Screenshot of a magnifying glass graphic with a magnified photo showing a receipt in the center of the magnifying glass.

Video magnification app for iOS designed for use by individuals with low vision.

An elderly woman wearing a camera device over her eyes, with the device strapped around her head similar to a headlamp. She is looking at a book with the camera, and a younger woman is beside her.

Wearable video magnifier and CCTV monitor system that allows individuals with low vision to magnify content. The magnifier is battery-operated and full-color.

A silver desktop monitor displaying a black screen with high-contrast white font that reads "Da Vinci, crystal clear picture and text-to-speech." Above the monitor is a camera mounted on a gooseneck that is positioned over the monitor.

Desktop video magnifier (CCTV), text-to-speech (OCR) and a 3-in-1 camera designed for use by individuals with low vision.

A woman uses a Mac desktop computer, which is displaying high-contrast, black-on-white, magnified content.

Plug-and-play video magnifier designed for use by individuals with low vision.

A magnifying glass graphic with a section of text seen through it. The magnifying glass itself is casting a rainbow prism onto the text.

A "reading glasses" app for iOS and Android, designed for those who have difficulty reading fine print and focusing on nearby objects.