Reads from?

Must the user move the text to be read aloud?
A user sits at a desk with a computer monitor and keyboard in front of him. The screen is black.

A text file reading system controlled by the keyboard and its interface, as the program responds to users through spoken messages. It is suitable for blind and visually impaired users.

The Next Generation Technologies company logo, which features the words "Nex Gen" in bold, white and black font against a bright green background. Underneath are the words "Next Generation Technologies, Inc." in smaller, white font.

Interface program that allows the coordinated use of the JAWS for Windows screen reader program and the Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition program by individuals who are blind or have low vision.

A white computer monitor displaying a web article with various portions of the text highlighted.

Voice output, web browser, and text editor programs intended to help individuals with learning disabilities to read, write, study, and comprehend text more effectively.

A light blue software box that features the "Synapptic" logo.

App that converts an Android phone to a more accessible device for users with visual impairments.

 A laptop computer with large, high-contrast text displayed across the full width of the screen. Use the keyboard arrow buttons to navigate up and down across the screen. This computer comes with a flat-bed scanner, headphones, and a small MP3 player.

The LapTalk Computer for visually impaired is the most intuitive computer for the blind available. The LapTalk empowers visually impaired users to instantly “get online” with no training required! Plug it in, and you’re ready to go.

ReadIt App Icon next to laptop displaying software in use on screen.

Software designed specifically for low vision and blind users, enabling them to read any printed or electronic format document.

Logo in the form of a large purple square with an image of a white circle broken up with two round dots and three bars, indicating sound output.

A text-to-speech app designed to help users interact with websites and RSS feeds and pick articles to be read aloud by using headphone or Bluetooth hands-free buttons.


Share to Speech logo.

Share to Speech is an app that raises the bar of convenience of the text to speech to such a high level that you will enjoy listening to articles and documents instead of watching screen.

Screenshot of yellow text against a blue background with a dropdown menu at the top.

Reading software that converts a Windows-PC into an open reading system.

Gesproken Ondertitels icon shown as a TV screen with cartoonish human eyes, mouth, arms, hands on a monopod stand.

The Gesproken Ondertitels app reads TV subtitles from Dutch and Flemish channels live as soon as the text appears at the bottom of the TV screen.