Using Computer for some activity or support

Applications of computer technology to tasks that able-bodied users are able to do without assistance.
Flowy viewing modes on three different mobile phones, the first with smaller black text on a gray background, the second with a yellow background, the next with black text magnified to show two words, and the last with a yellow background and black text magnified to who 3 lines of text.

An app that provides screen sharing service as well as advanced video magnifier features.

A computer with a desktop mono-pole type standing camera that has a book below its lens. On the computer screen, the words are written with one of them highlighted in yellow and written with red letters.

A portable reading camera that can be combined with a scanning and reading software to give to blind and low vision users instant portable access to printed material with an array of human-sounding voices. 

A screenshot of a computer screen with contacts listed in the left column. The first name is highlighted and on the right is the contact's information, with a yellow post-it attached saying hello. There are tools at the top of the list for adding, editing, and scheduling.

Software for task management: managing Contacts, action logging, virtual post-its. It is a Web software particularly suited to small organizations and for users who prefer to not use paper memos.

A table with 10 rows: each row has an F1-10 number and is followed by a word that begins with the letter D.

A word prediction software to help when typing in a word processor such as Microsoft Word, Notepad, Wordpad, Office Writer, as well as any other software that the user may be led to write on the keyboard (address bar of the internet browser, forms, instant messaging). 

Detailed description of lessons and modules.

Interactive, visual-based software that gives students an easy-to-use, engaging tool to help them learn the curriculum, develop skills and demonstrate understanding.

An illustration of Live Transcribe as featured on a phone, with text that reads "With Live Transcribe you can see words appear on your phone as they're spoken." The caption above the illustration reads "See real-time transcriptions anywhere."

An accessibility app designed for people who are deaf and hearing impaired. The app features automatic speech recognition technology and performs real-time transcription of speech and sound to text on a phone screen, so users can more easily participate in conversations.

Two TeachTown Basics spiral-bound books and a monitor with a screenshot of the software.

An educational program that offers a blend of computer-delivered and teacher-led ABA instruction to increase a student’s vocabulary, listening skills, social-emotional development, independence, academics, and cognitive skills. 

Large, yellow rectangular software box with screen shot of MAGic software menu on cover.

A screen magnification and screen reading program for low vision computer users.

An encased tablet device with a screen featuring language options.

A device that allows those who speak different languages or have different communication abilities to instantly and effectively communicate in real-time in over 120 languages and dialects. 

A mobile screen featuring two avatars and a voice icon.

An App that can speak out any notifications like chat, mail, calls, and alerts, etc. Users can tweak notifications as per their interest.