Spoken and other sound output

Modern technology uses speech and other sounds to convey a great deal of information. These accommodations make that information available to those who cannot hear.
Screenshot of word lookup function showing a window for a word at the top and various use options below.

A comprehensive French language dictionary that read text aloud without leaving the current application. It allows the reader to look up a word without knowing exactly how it is spelled.

A dark blue background with a white and red envelope graphic.

Voice-output app that allows users to listen to emails read out loud. The app is gesture-based and was designed to help users quickly sort through unread mail in their inboxes.

A dark blue background with a white and red open book graphic.

Uses text-to-speech (TTS) to read digital articles, documents, and books out loud.

Rectangular printed circuit board showing chipsets, circuitry, and pin connectors.

A modular voice synthesizer designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision.

Screenshot of main menu, with four, long, horizontally stacked bars representing function options.

A free and open source Android application that turns a phone or tablet into an inexpensive augmentative and alternative communication device.

A white computer monitor displaying a web article with various portions of the text highlighted.

Voice output, web browser, and text editor programs intended to help individuals with learning disabilities to read, write, study, and comprehend text more effectively.

Computer monitor displaying screenshot of Vindicator software with two small speakers in front as well as a small black rectangular device.

A line of electronic products that is primarily used to make electronic equipment accessible to disabled employees.

Black rectangular shape with a large, red oval-shaped boombox with speakers on the right and left and colorful sound level bars in the middle.

A Windows-based program developed specifically for students with special needs that allows a user to utilize a virtual stereo (boombox).

Desktop computer monitor with black border and application screen with menu commands across the top and text underneath.

A text-to-speech desktop application that facilitates the production of static audio files.

A black carrying case next to a medium-sized, rectangular, and light-grey device with four square buttons. Next to it are two switch controls.

Scanning or direct selection communicator package designed for use by individuals with communication disabilities.