Telephone Handset Amplifier

Increases the volume of the telephone output [Split among sub-categories]
A black flip-phone shown folded, with a time and the date display panel on the outside. On the right, the phone is unfolded, with a user dialing a number.

A simple mobile phone which includes low-vision and voice-output features, making it suitable for individuals with visual impairments.

Various models of amplified telephones. Two models resemble standard corded telephones, but with a band of LED lights across the bottom edge of the receiver. One of them has a display screen. The other two models are cordless, with a large round speaker built-in the handset at the top above the display screen. They both have volume control buttons on the receiver. One has a round black display screen with blue numbers indicating volume level. All models are white or silver. One has bright yellow buttons.

Amplified telephones have extra-loud ringers and speaker volume, making them easier to hear.

Various models of cell phones for seniors. They resemble standard cell phones. One model is a flip phone; the other three are "candy bar" phones with large, easy-to-see buttons. One model is a smartphone with a touchscreen. This shows a simplified menu for"Phone," "Text Messages," "Camera," "Email Messages," etc. One phone has purple, red, pink, lime yellow, and blue buttons. The other models are black, white, red, and dark grey.

Provides essential phone and texting capabilities with a simplified interface, easy-to-see buttons and screen, and enhanced soakers for the hard-of-hearing.

Hamilton CapTel captioning service on the devices it supports.

Hamilton CapTel offers various captioned telephone technology solutions designed to make it easier for people with hearing loss to use telephones, smartphones, and tablets.

Gray device that connects to phone with control buttons on bottom edge.

Audio amplifier for telephones that also allows users to connect headphones to phones that do not have built-in headphone jacks.

Speaker with dial on corner and strap for landline telephone handset.

The small, portable amplifier can be attached to many telephone receivers. The volume can be adjusted using a twist.

Rectilinear speaker with attached strap.

Portable telephone amplifier – acoustic and inductive.

Wire with rounded hook on top of a smartphone

Cordless mobile phone adapter for hearing aids.