ABP Switchmaus

Product Type: 
Device modifier
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Product Description: 

The ABP Switchmaus is a mouse featuring, in addition to the normal mouse-click functions, a hold function of the left mouse button as well as a double-click button. The speed of the pointer movements is also individually adjustable.

Main Features: 

  • Key mouse suitable for ABP small keys
  • Plastic housing
  • Additionally 5-9 push buttons (sensors) or multiple push buttons or joystick can be connected
  • All movements of the mouse can be simulated
  • Mouse function buttons: right-click, left-click, hold right, hold left, double-click
  • Individually infinitely adjustable mouse speed
  • 6 memory locations for different mouse speeds
  • Switchable double stop lock
  • Display for special functions
  • Button variants: recessed or flat
  • The middle mouse button can be operated with the corresponding mouse for 3-button mice (e.g., System Mouse).
  • The keys 'L' (Slow) and 'S' (Fast) are used to set two different speeds, each of which can be varied continuously. The fast speed is switched on when the PC is switched on.
  • Options accessories:
    • Double adapter for parallel connection of the standard mouse
    • Distance plates, tripod solutions

Primary Specifications: 

  • Connection: serial 9-pin Sub-D connector (RS232)
  • Compatibility: Microsoft Mouse compatible

Options & Accessories: 

  • ABP Switch Mouse I: with additional, externally connectable push buttons that are flat
  • ABP Switch Mouse II: with additional, externally connectable push buttons that are rounded and a cover plate for finger guidance

More Information: 

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