About the Unified Listing

The Unified Listing brings together information from over half a dozen federated databases in Europe, the United States, and Australia. All of the entries from these databases that relate to access to Information and communication technologies (ICT) databases can be found from the Unified Listing - and more.

  • Commercial products (open-source and proprietary)
  • Free versions of commercial products (trials and limited versions)
  • Free AT  (shareware or freeware) (open-source or proprietary)
  • Accessibility features and programs that are built into commercial products

This is the first place (and, currently, only place) that all of these solutions are brought together in one place.   So in addition to reading about them in the Unified Listing, you can also click on links in each product record that will jump you to the entry in each of these databases. '

So if you want to find products or services that relate to ICT access - Unified Listing is the place to start. You can always jump from the Unified Listing to a more local database if it is also listed there.

If you are looking for mainstream products that have accessibility features built in -- the Unified Listing is adding those too - along with pointers to other databases again. 

If you want to find If you want ANY OTHER types of assistive technology, - use one of the federated databases listed below directly.  (The Unified Listing only covers Information and communication related assistive technologies. 

Federated Databases

Databases that are currently Federated with the Unified Listing include:

  2. ATAust
  3. DLF Data
  5. Siva
  6.  Handicat
  7.  Hjælpemiddelbasen
  8.  Rehadat
  9.  Vlibank

Others are in process of Federating. 


Using the Unified Listing to notify the other Federated Databases

Since we are all Federated - adding an entry into the Unified Listing will cause a message to go out to all of the other Federated databases notifying them of your product (or change in your product) as well.

Here is the link to add your product to the Unified Listing or to make submit changes to your product listing   (and of course, have a message sent to notify the other databases):  

Add Your Product to the Unified Listing and send message to federated databases.