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Modifiable product
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Product Description: 

Acticomm is a specially developed computer system for people who do not succeed in 'normal computing', such as children/adults with serious multiple disabilities. Acticomm has a touchscreen, is incorporated in a safe piece of furniture, and equipped with special software.

Main Features: 

  • Acticomm offers many activities in one tool: for listening and looking, moving, activating, recognizing or remembering, playing and learning. 
  • Users can indicate themselves what kind of activity they want to do. Choose whether they want to listen to music or watch a video or indicate by means of pictograms what they want to eat or drink. While a regular computer is often too complicated for people with severe multiple disabilities or dementia, with the Acticomm they can make their own choices without help. 
  • Acticomm consists of a whisper-quiet computer system that is operated with a solid touchscreen and is integrated into a robust piece of furniture. The whole can, therefore, take a beating and is splash-proof. The safe and durable furniture meets the highest quality standards and is also mobile and height-adjustable, making it accessible for any type of wheelchair.

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