Addesso CyberTablets

Product Type: 
Primary device
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Approximate Cost: $150.00

Product Description: 

These tablets are ideal also for students and professional who are in to handwriting, sketching, coloring and editing photos. It features a powerful pressure sensitivity to accomplish the sophisticated computer-aided design task with the aide of 4000 lpi (lines per inch) hardware resolution and 1024 lop (level of pressure) pen sensitivity. It makes easier to use with the aide of an ergonomic pen, tablet and software which is included in the package. It lets you draw naturally and let you write freehand graphics and text. This Media Graphics Tablet provides you with excellent writing and drawing convenience, making it easier for you to use with your PC or Mac.

Main Features: 

  • converts a wide variety of handwriting styles into typed text
  • produce inking to your own office documents or handwritten letters directly to MS Outlook
  • compatible with a use of the stylus to write, sketch, circle, or add notes during your presentation to emphasize the important points
  • defined hot keys such as cut, copy and paste which curtails a certain task
    • 5 hot keys for Scrolling, Zooming, Volume control, 16:9 Widescreen and 4:3 Standard writing area
  • two rolling pads for left and right handed

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