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Product Description: 

The ATbar is an open-source, cross-browser toolbar that increases the accessibility of a website with the use of custom settings on webpages to magnify font sizes, have text-to-speech, and use colored overlays and readability. It is to help those with low vision, dyslexia, and other reading difficulties. It is not designed for regular screen reader users who need their assistive technology to access the computer as well as their browser.

Main Features: 

  • Available for most popular browsers.
  • Spell check and word prediction are available when writing.
  • The ATbar logo can be selected to receive updates for the toolbar and press the refresh button to complete the update.
  • Fix The Web (the red heart logo on the toolbar) plug-in is to help sort out web accessibility issues by user reporting the problems encountered in under a minute. Volunteers take these issues forward with website owners.
  • The features on the toolbar will not work with all websites, as their functionality may be dependent on the design elements within individual pages. Instructions can be reached for each feature along with explanations about how some web page design impacts on the use of the toolbar.
    • Magnifiers button to increase or decrease the size of the text.
    • Font button for font and line spacing changes.
    • Text-to-speech button to have highlighted text read aloud.
    • Readability is a service that allows the user to read web pages without much of the usual clutter. The service works on mobile and tablet.
    •  Styles button to alter the color of the ATbar toolbar and change the web page colors.
    • It can be used to reduce the glare of black text on bright white backgrounds.
    • The overlay button to provide a color tint over the entire webpage.
    • the Dictionary button after highlighting a word.

Options & Accessories: 

  • The download version stays available when moving between web pages and is made up of the standard functions.
    • ATbar for Chrome.
    • ATbar for Windows.
  • The lite version acts in a similar way to a bookmark or favorite and has to be selected with each visit to a new web page – it also has the standard functions.
    • ATbar for any browser.
  • The marketplace version allows custom-build of own ATbar, by choosing the plug-ins then saving the custom-made bar as a bookmark.
    • Customised toolbar for any browser.
  • desktop version of the ATbar which offers magnification, a colour overlay (including an overlay ruler), an on screen keyboard and access to the Windows Narrator. Also can be downloaded onto a USB for mobile use.
  • ATbar for my website (Web Developer).
  • ATbar for WordPress (WordPress PlugIn).

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