Big Track 2

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Approximate Cost: $85.00


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Product Description: 

BIGtrack 2 is a USB trackball that positions the mouse by using gross motor movements of the hand, arm, or foot; fine motor skills need not be used. Once the mouse cursor is positioned, two over-sized buttons, or ports for switches, are available for left and right-clicking and drag locking.

Main Features: 

  • BIGtrack 2 Includes:
    • Large 3-in / 7.62-cm trackball.
    • Two switch jacks for left and right-click.
    • Color differentiated right and left click buttons.
    • USB connection (USB Type-A receptacle required).
  • Drag Lock feature: enables a user to move objects on the screen without having to hold the mouse click button down.

Primary Specifications: 

  • BIGtrack 2 includes two 1/8-in / 3.5-mm mono (TS) switch jacks. Plugging in a switch on the left side of BIGtrack 2 will enable the left click via the switch. Plugging in a switch on the right side of BIGtrack 2 will enable the right click via the switch. The switch is not included and sold separately.
  • BIGtrack 2 is compatible with most laptops, desktop, and tablet computers that can use a standard mouse. One USB Type A receptacle is required.
  • Connection type: USB and PS2 Adapter.

More Information: 

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