Product Type: 
Device modifier
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Product Description: 

Mouse based on a sturdy microswitch joystick with big accessible buttons and four switch inputs for external switches. It can be tailored to the user’s needs and capabilities and the operation can be customized using the BJOY Software. Specially designed for people with spasticity.

Main Features: 

  • "Plug & Play" USB device.
  • 4 big buttons (35 mm diameter) with adjustable functions.
  • Keyguard included.
  • Customizable labels for the buttons.
  • Includes clear and color covers for the buttons.
  • Four 3.5 mm sockets for external switch access.
  • Microswitch joystick: movement in 4 or 8 directions.
  • Pointer's speed independent from the action performed on the joystick.
  • Non-slip.
  • Sturdy joystick.
  • Compatible with switch. 

Primary Specifications: 

  • Size: 290 x 220 x 160 mm.
  • Operating systems supported: Windows, Linux, Android, Chrome OS, Mac OS.

More Information: 

See manufacturer's website.