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Product Description: 

CD-ORD offers reading and writing tools to help insecure readers and dyslexics on a PC and Mac. When installed on a computer, texts can be read everywhere - whether on the web, in digital learning tools, games, in PDF, Office programs. A "Special Needs User Profile" is available with help and support.CD-ORD uses reading and context-based word suggestions to address slow reading and spelling errors.

Main Features: 

  • These features are common to all versions:

    • Get Programs for the user profile that suits you.
    • Using reading and context-based word suggestions, the program addresses slow reading and typing and spelling errors.
    • CD-WORD helps the user to read all the text on the computer: in documents, on the web, on buttons, menus and games. And because CD-ORD is installed, it works in all situations, even when offline.
    • Unique setting options can be customized to the user's personal needs or specific reading and writing purposes.
    • Highlight letters, words or phrases as they are read.
    • Voice speed and pronunciation: With CD-Word, read up to 750 words per minute. Speed can be set or the pronunciation can be changed by the user.
    • Language and Voices: By default, readings are in Danish, English, German, French, Norwegian and Swedish.
    • Converts text to mp3 audio file so the user can listen.
    • Word suggestions in a number of languages.
    • View and retrieve specialist glossaries from various publishers.
  • Windows version also includes these features:

    • Integrated dictionary makes it easy to look up words. Choose from dictionaries in Danish, English, German, French and Spanish.
    • The opportunity to hear if if the user is on the right track with spelling: The letter name, letter sound, word or phrase can be read (letter name and sound currently only in the Windows version).
    • CD-ORD 9 USB version with an updated CD-Ord version 10.
  • Mac version also includes these features:

    • Integration for eg Word, OneNote, PDF and Google Chrome.

Primary Specifications: 

CD-ORD Plugin -Use this extension along with the program CD-ORD 10 in order to get a better integration with the Chrome browser from Google. Once the extension has been installed, text can be read aloud and highlighted on webpages. Context-based word predictions while working in Google Docs will also be available.

Options & Accessories: 

  • IntoWords: For PC, Chromebook, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android tablet or smartphone. And whether you're using Google Apps or Office 365.
    • IntoWords Cloud is used for PC, Mac and Chromebooks and acts as a plugin for your Chrome or Edgebrowser. You thus work in the cloud, which among other things gives the advantage that the tool can be updated continuously.
    • For your Mac, you can also choose an installable version of IntoWords, which allows you to work offline.
  • Voice Package: The 25 languages read in the voice package can be used in CD-ORD (Windows) and IntoWords iPad and Cloud (including Google Apps and Office 365): American, Australian, Arabic, Canadian, Finnish, Greek, Dutch, Indian, Indonesian, Israeli, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Norsk, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Thai, Czech, Hungarian.
  • Extra dictionaries for CD-ORD and IntoWords make it easy to look up words in other languages ​​or professional languages.
  • SubReader School reads subtitles on movies and series.
  • The C-Pen transmits scans to the computer via USB connectors. This version does not require battery and is suitable for users who only want to transfer text to their computer. Here you can get the text read with the CD-ORD reading and writing support program  (without using keyboard and mouse if you use the integrated C-Pen button in CD-ORD).
  • The Grammar Text can correct your text for errors in grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation. All the text in the Grammar text can be read out loud.
  • The Hand Scanner photographs and saves the text page as an image (JPG) that you can transfer to your computer. The CD-ORD and IntoWords reading and writing programs can then OCR process the image and read the text to you.
  • MiVo: Training program that makes you a strong user of the writing aid in the reading and writing tools CD-ORD and IntoWords.
  • For a 30 day Free Trial of CD-ORD: See Manufacturer's website.
  • For a private customer subscribe to CD-ORD for a 1-year period: See Manufacturer's website.

More Information: 

See Manufacturer's website.