Product Type: 
Primary device
Manufacturer Name: 
Approximate Cost: $5,000.00


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Product Description: 

CiaoMondo is an eye pointer system for people who, due to severe trauma or as a consequence of degenerative diseases find themselves in a condition of total immobility that enables them to communicate, to write, and to manage the entire computer using their eyes. It also features home environmental controls and video game capabilities, all operated only with eye movement.

Main Features: 

  • The system includes:
    • AIDA's proprietary communication software.
    • SeeTech eyetracking camera.
    • Mouse emulation software. 
    • All-in-one computer.
    • Stand with wheels for use while lying in bed.
    • Symbolic tables for alternative augmentative communication (CAA) of AIDA.
    • Speech synthesis for communicating.
    • Acoustic alarms to attract attention and signal for assistance.
    • Keyboard design software for customization.
  • Communicate simple messages through the use of predefined phrases or images.
  • Compose text using traditional virtual keyboards or through the AIDA virtual keyboard called FABULA EVO, consisting of only 5 keys and predictive type.
  • Read the text written aloud with speech synthesis.
  • Surf the Internet.
  • Read and compose email.
  • Communicate and chat through Skype and Whatsapp.
  • Play any video game.
  • Call attention with alarm bells.
  • Control home automation devices via infrared transmitters.

More Information: 

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