ClaroPDF (Various Editions)

ClaroPDF, ClaroPDF Pro
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Product Description: 

ClaroPDF is an accessible, reading and study PDF tool that allows you to annotate, mark up, save, and read aloud PDF files which are then still fully compatible with Adobe Reader and other PDF apps.


The free version, which includes 50 Photo to PDF OCR credits.

ClaroPDF Pro

The paid, full version, which includes 50,000 Photo to PDF OCR credits, four premium text-to-speech voices in any language, and the ability to add photos and videos to PDFs. 

Main Features: 

These features are common to all versions:

  • Speech, Productivity, and Accessibility.
  • Annotations, Notes, and Comments.
  • Photo to PDF.
  • Convert to Text PDF.
  • Smart Zoom.
  • Full-Text Search & Navigation.
  • Managing PDF Files.
  • Sync with iCloud.
  • Save as PDF app extension.
  • Included Text to Speech Voices.
  • Responds to switch or Bluetooth keyboard commands.
  • Full-text search.
  • Read out PDF files with synchronized highlighting.

ClaroPDF Pro includes these additional features:

  • Children's voices available to purchase in-app.
  • Multimedia - add audio and video files to PDF pages.
  • Folder customization in the PDF documents list - organize your PDFs into different folders.
  • Sync with iCloud - sync your PDF files between devices.
  • Fully integrated with the new iOS 11 Files app for easy file access.
  • Save as PDF app extension - convert text, images and web pages to PDF files from other apps such as Safari.
  • In-app purchases to add more Vocalizer voices and OCR credits.

Primary Specifications: 

ClaroPDF includes these specifications:

  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.
  • Requires Android 5.0 and up.
  • For iOS, requires:
    • iPad 3rd generation or newer.
    • iPhone 4 or newer.
    • iPod Touch 4th generation or newer.

ClaroPDF Pro includes these specifications:

  • Only compatible with iOS.

More Information: 

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