DIPAX ControlBox

Product Type: 
Device modifier
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Product Description: 

This product has been discontinued.

The DIPAX ControlBox is a USB adapter for mouse emulation with any sensors or digital joysticks and thus serves as a mouse replacement in the absence of fine motor skills, when the use of a standard mouse or a trackball is not possible.

Main Features: 

  • 4 sensor inputs for the cursor movement directions LEFT, RIGHT, HIGH, DOWN and DIAGONAL
  • 4 freely programmable sensor inputs for the mouse buttons: left mouse button (including click & drag), right mouse button, middle mouse button, double click)
  • Simulation of a scroll wheel
  • SUB-D9 connector for connecting a digital joystick
  • 3 different operating modes for triggering the mouse buttons
  • supports digital joysticks with only one button (eg mini joystick), a special operating mode allows in this case the triggering of up to 4 different mouse clicks in spite of the one button
  • parallel a normal mouse can be used, whose function is not influenced by the ControlBox
  • Infinitely adjustable mouse pointer speed and acceleration

More Information: 

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