Dys-Vocal suite

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Product Description: 

Dys-Vocal is a reading and writing assistance software for people with Dys disorders (dyslexia, dysorthography, visuospatial dyspraxia). It includes voice recognition dictation, computer control by voice, auto-completion by word prediction, and TTS playback. Also included is a module for syllabic cutting used to facilitate reading by simplifying the visual division of syllables.

Main Features: 

  • Contains 4 main modules:
    • Word cutter, text formatting software to facilitate reading (syllabic cut of words, spacing of words and characters, highlighting/isolating complex sounds or specific letters).
      • Creation of personalized profiles allowing to format a text in one click.
        • Profiles can be made up of a combination of the following parameters: 
        • Font (color, style-bold, italic, underline, or a combination of 3, size, font). 
        • Formatting (number of lines, word spacing, character spacing). 
        • Presentation (syllabic cut, alternation of words, lines alternate). 
        •  Choice of colors.
        • Identification of complex sounds and/or private letters.
        • Getting evidence of punctuation and/or capital letters.
    • SDVocal, a text-to-speech reading software capable of reading text using a synthetic voice in any application (editor, web page, email).
      • Text-to-speech playback in any editor or text field; Synthetic voices available: French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French Canadian. Other computer voices can be installed manually (see documentation). 
      • SDVocal is compatible with synthetic voices SAPI 5 and TTS.
      • This software also has a voice recognition module to dictate a text, which is then written directly in the chosen application. The SDVocal editor also has voice feedback for keyboard input.
        • No voice learning phase is necessary, the application can be used directly in any word processing application (Word, WordPad, office, etc.) or text field (web, mail, etc.). This module requires an internet connection.
        • The user can define his own voice commands (opening documents or applications, creating emails, web search).
      • Talking calculator.
      • Screen magnifier (with color inversion).
      • Recording in audio format.
      • Automatic vocalization of words when the mouse passes over the word.
      • Tape recorder function.
    • Speech recognition software allowing you to dictate text and/or execute Windows voice commands completes this module.
      • 24 languages ​​available for voice recognition.
    • ScribeDico, software to facilitate keyboard input by automatically completing words from the first characters entered (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese). Voice feedback from keyboard input and voice feedback of suggestions.
  • Format of documents supported in Dys-Vocal: .rtf (Microsoft Word, WordPad), .docx (Microsoft Word), .odt (Open Office, Libre Office), .pdf (Adobe), .txt, .html.
  • Images containing text (the text contained in the image is automatically extracted by the OCR "Character Recognition" from Dys-Vocal): .tif, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .jpg.
  • E- books : EPUB, Kindle (.mobi, .azw, .azw3).
  • The images and possibly (user choice) the html links of the files are kept in the Dys-Vocal editor.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Dys-Vocal is compatible with all Windows PC and tablet versions, Windows 10 included (except the Windows RT version for tablets).

Options & Accessories: 

  • Download the full version of Dys-Vocal software:
    • With speech synthesis in French only.
    • With speech synthesis in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French Canadian.

More Information: 

See Distributor’s website.