Envision AI

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Product Description: 

Envision AI is an app that verbally translates the visual world into spoken words, helping blind and visually impaired people by using the smartphone camera, artificial intelligence and OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Envision AI can describe scenes around the user, read any piece of text (printed or handwritten) from any surface, detect colors and also scan barcodes and QR codes from products.

Main Features: 

  • Read texts in over 60 different languages. Fully available offline for Latin-based languages like English.
  • Easily scan paper documents (single or multiple pages) with the help of audio-guided edge detection. All content is spoken back and is ready for export and edit.
  • Read handwritten postcards, letters, lists and other paperwork written in neat handwriting.
  • Describe visual scenes- simply take a picture of it.
  • Detect colors on clothes, walls, books, etc.
  • Scan barcodes to get more information about the products.
  • Find people; The names are spoken out whenever they are in the frame.
  • Find objects by selecting common objects from the in-app list.
  • Share images or documents from the phone or other apps like Twitter or WhatsApp by selecting Envision from the share sheet, to get a description of the image and recognition of all the text within it.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Size: 245.8 MB.
  • Compatibility:
    • iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
    • Android: 5.0 and up.
  • Age Rating: 4+.

Options & Accessories: 

  • Free 14 day Trial or Choice of Monthly Subscriptions.
  • Languages: English, Arabic, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.

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