Manufacturer Name: 

Product Description: 

EyeHarp is a gaze-controlled or head-controlled software that allows people with disabilities to learn and play music with eye-tracking or with head movements.

Main Features: 

  • Fully accessible, The only physical requirement for playing the EyeHarp is to be able to move the eyes or the head.
  • EyeHarp musicians only need to install the software and use it with their eye tracker or head tracker. Playing melodies is done simply by looking at the notes on the screen.
  • Fully adaptable, it is designed for different musical levels and for many types of disabilities - physical as well as intellectual.
  • Users can modify the number of notes on the screen, the size of the notes, the sounds, the scale, and many other properties, providing a tailored music learning and music playing experience.
  • It offers an innovative and revolutionary form of music therapy and music education service.

Primary Specifications: 

  • System Requirements:
    •  Windows OS.
    • 1.8GHz processor (minimum), Intel i5 2GHz processor or better (recommended) 4GB RAM (minimum), 8GB RAM (recommended).
    • 900 MB free disk space.
    • 13” screen (minimum), screen size 19”-27” is recommended.
    •  A Tobii eye tracker, or a head tracking device (such as SmartNav), or any device that can control the mouse pointer.
  • Eye Harp gaze control works only with a Tobii eye tracker.

Options & Accessories: 

A free version and a full paid version are available: 

  • The free version has all the basic functionalities, with all the scale, register, and transposition options.
  • The full version includes a collection of 20+ instrument sounds, assisted music learning tools, automatic performance evaluation, musical memory game, a repertoire of playable songs, exercises for improving the playing technique, and more.

More Information: 

See Manufacturer's website.